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Orange Park Driving School is an approved driving school under the Florida State Laws and its courses are supported by the experts in the industry. Orange Park Driving School to teach not only wants you about driving, but we want you to become a more confident and safe driver as well. All of our courses focus on proper procedures and common sense of driving; we make safety our top priority. In addition, Orange Park Driving School strives to make your long classes seem as short as possible by helping reduce stress and anxiety that comes with learning how to drive. Orange Park Driving School provides special package for different students depending on their requirements and the need of each student. Making your learning experience less worry some and more enjoyable at every state with convenience and comfort. Orange Park Driving School’s instructors are all trained and licensed by the State of Florida Department of Motor Vehicles and National Background checked and approved. Speak little or no English? No problem, Orange Park Driving School staffs bilingual instructors for your convenience. You don’t have to worry about not being able to understand your instructor while enrolled with us.